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How to Get a Custom Design Website Under $200

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Creating a Website and Getting Online Quickly

People are always asking me what is the fastest and most affordable way to creating a website. So I decided to write this blog post to help those that struggle with this decision.  Let’s assume that you have already identified your passion (niche), something that you love to do the most. If not, I will be posting another blog entry …

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6 Reasons Why Creating a Website Will Not Benefit Your Business!

More small businesses than ever are looking to establish a website presence in order to market their business, its products and services. But you just can’t think of any reason why having an Web presence would benefit you, especially when the majority of your customers are local. If you are not sure that an Internet Presence would help you, then …

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How to Advertise Your Website

The key to success after creating a website depends on how you advertise your site.  You must advertise or forever remain unknown.  If you have “the better bed warmer,” you have to let the people know about it, or your ideas and efforts will come to nothing. Everybody has an idea for a product, a service or a “how-to” manual …

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Why is Personalizing Your Website Important?

Even if you’re not selling a product or service that is for a specific target audience you need to have a website that is personalized.  For example, even though Amazon sells products that appeal to all target audiences they have still managed to create a personalized website that fits every customer.  This is the goal of personalization technology. Try to …

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