Creating a Website and Getting Online Quickly

People are always asking me what is the fastest and most affordable way to creating a website. So I decided to write this blog post to help those that struggle with this decision.  Let’s assume that you have already identified your passion (niche), something that you love to do the most. If not, I will be posting another blog entry on “How to Identify a Niche” next week.

Registering a Domain Name and Launching your Website

Register a domain name by picking something with your theme in the name. For example; if your Theme (Niche) is “dog biting”, then your domain name could be Unfortunally that name is already taken! Still no ideas!

Try using a Suggestion Tool. Enter your Niche and pick one of the suggestions, that the tool will provide.

Try to use a domain with a “.com” ending; it is the most common, and the one people use when guessing your website. You should also note, that each domain name, whether new or a transfer will come with Free Ad supported hosting.

Once you have your website created, you will now need to upload the files to your hosting package web using an File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software.

Submit Your New or Existing Website to Google

Submit your website to Google for free at

It may take sometime for your website to show up in the google search results. Until then, be sure to share your work directly with friends and family. You have your own online business.

Now that you are up and running, it doesn’t stop here. Keep updating and promoting your website every chance you get.

Get your Website Started Online!

Be sure to visit often for more Tips on Creating and Marketing a website.


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