4 Ways to Find a Profitable Niche Market Today!

If you have ever marketed offline, then you may have heard the old saying: “If everyone is your target market, no one is your customer.” This means that if you target a large market you’ll appeal to no one in particular.

General Market  –> Niche Market
Weddings –> Engagement Rings
Pets –> Dog Biting
Health –> Low Carb Diet
Food –> Vegan                                                           

I think you get the idea. People usually search the Internet for specific things. If the content on your website is general in nature, then you will not be able to appeal to your visitors strong enough to get them to take action. 

Remember, people are self-centered and want to find solutions to their problems or interest. The closer your website is to your visitor’s interests or problems, the more involved they will be with your content.

Benefits of Building a Niche Website

  1. Visitors are more likely to buy from you because you have a stronger appeal to them.
  2. You can charge a higher price because you’ll be offering a specialized or service.
  3. You have less competition to deal with.

 Consider these 4 Steps to Find a Profitable Niche Market on the Internet:

Step 1 — Grab a piece of paper. Write a list of your interests and hobbies – at least five items (things that get you excited).

Step 2 — Write down a list of key phrases/keywords associated with those areas of interest to you.

Step 3 — Go to Google Keyword Tool and individually enter in all your keywords and phrases. This tells you how many searches were done on your keyword/phrase on the Google search engine in the previous month.

 Step 4 — Notice the “Advertiser Competition” bar for your keyword/phrase. You will want it to show pretty heavy Advertiser Competition. Because this means that there’s money in the market.

 Basically, Google Adwords at this point is validating the fact that there is a market. If you don’t see any ads, you might want to think twice about your Niche Market.

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